Eco Safari Rwanda Ltd.
  • "Nyanza King's Palace Museum "
  • "Hippopotamus in Lake Mihindi "
  • "Massai Giraffes in Akagera National park"
  • "Black & White colobous Monkeys in Nyungwe National Park"
  • "A Herd of African Elephants in Akagera national Park-Mohana Plain"
  • "Male Lions in Akagera park"
  • "Plain Zebras in Akagera National Park"
  • "The Migration of the wildebeest in Serengeti National Park"
  • "African Fish Eagle in Akagera National Park"
  • "Nyungwe forest"
  • "Mountain Gorillas in the volcanoes national park"
  • "A chain of Volcanoes clouds hotel view "
  • "Masai Tribe in Masai Mara "

Welcome To Eco-Safaris Rwanda!

Eco-safaris Rwanda is the Rwandan registered tourism company in Rwanda development Board which is based in Kigali. Its commitment is to protect environment and community based tourism for sustainable tourism.

Eco-safaris Rwanda organizes and arranges eco-safaris and ground tour operator to East African and sub-Saharan African countries

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PSF Partner

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